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Abandoned baking-free brick machine plate should be how to deal with

By 佚名 at 29 Dec 2013 15:31    Views:3063
  With the vigorous development of China's biggest cities construction, all kinds of building materials were been used .Baking-free brick, hollow brick occupies an important proportion. Baking-free brick refers to make brick through non-sintered production technology, its appearance specifications consistent with the specifications of brick. Common baking-free brick can be divided into steam lime-sand brick, fly ash brick. Carbide ash brick, etc .As a necessary aid, baking-free brick machine plate become widely and widely used, a large number of applications inevitably led to how to deal with disposed products .

  Along with the advance of the product, there are many different kinds of baking-free brick machine plate, in terms of production materials, plastic plate, bamboo plate, steel plate, rubber plate, etc. After long-term using, aged products can no longer continue to use, at this time of the steel plate has been effectively recycling, but the wood, bamboo, plastic plates have been collective burned or buried generally . This causes serious pollution, especially plastic plate burning, has a significant impact for the surrounding atmospheric environment.

  Most of plates can't continue to use the. Because they are wearing or transmutative, not rotten. For effective protect our environment, save money, We should be timely to unified recycle waste baking-free brick machine plate, benefit the environment, save money.