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  • Construction waste treatment facilities

    29 Dec 2013

    Nowadays, with the rapid development of our country's economy, the gradual improvement of the strength of science and technology, all over the country, For Zhengzhou, is full of demolition, On the one hand, improve the… [More]

  • The latest display system of automatic tile machine

    29 Dec 2013

    Today's society is developing rapidly, We all know that automatic tile making machine is a very hot industry now, If we can financed as soon as possible, You mustbe a good life what you want. Automatic tile machines ar… [More]

  • New brickworks how to layout, old brick factory how to reform

    29 Dec 2013

    New brickworks how to layout When the choose and buy brick making machine, brick making machine manufacturers will be combined with the site conditions of the existing customers to plan brick production line。First ou… [More]

  • Analysis of the process of tile machine

    29 Dec 2013

    We share in our production experience for many years with you. Mainly is analysis of the process of tile machine: The process including four aspects: ingredients - molding - appearance - maintenance. First said the i… [More]

  • Tips of brick machine maintenance

    29 Dec 2013

    Brick machine maintenance skills, It is not only to guarantee to achieve the best maintenance effect ,but also can save time and effort, We don’t need send people looking at machine every day. if you are interested, p… [More]

  • Brick machine operation need to pay attention to what?

    29 Dec 2013

    To introduce the below: First, material will been used as soon as coming, should not be stored for too long. Second, feeding, must pay attention to there are not big particle size of aggregate or other foreign m… [More]

  • Checking before starting of brick machine in use process

    29 Dec 2013

    Checking before starting of brick machine in use process, 1) checking whether the electric switch is in the correct position. 2) checking if there's any loose for the fasteners. 3) checking the brick machine and ele… [More]

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