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Analysis of the process of tile machine

By 佚名 at 29 Dec 2013 15:40    Views:3067
  We share in our production experience for many years with you. Mainly is analysis of the process of tile machine:

  The process including four aspects: ingredients - molding - appearance - maintenance.

  First said the ingredients aspect should pay attention to matters, Raw materials must be used for production of frozen dryer with grinding wheel type forced mixer mixing and stirring for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Then the precipitation. Molding process is very important. Material stirred must been filtered off water in molding program, so that becoming hard tile billet. Followed by the appearance, the tile billet must meet water expansion rubber water stop and clear edges and corners, smooth surface, fine, hard and dry, And has certain body strength, without crack on the tile plate. Finally is to conserve, tile billet on the plate natural curing for 24 hours, should pay attention to moisture, heat preservation. The second day will have the concretionary tile billet removed from the plate, placed in the yard on nature conservation, and pay attention to water it every day in a week before curing, sunny hot, dry weather should be more water.