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  pre-sale service
  Product information - introducing the production parameters of various models of machine, according to the different requirements electing equipment.
  Market analysis - understand local raw materials of the user, industry market information to analyze the investment prospects, let the user input to reduce risk.
  Confirmation target - according to user's actual situation, giving a development goals for user.
  Set up a solution, according to the user's information to set up the user’s enterprise solutions, Help the user to meet with success.

  The sale of services
  Factory supervision - the user equipment on order, for the user's production workshop construction give on-site supervision.
  On-site guidance, supply nn-site guidance in the user's facilities, for the basic requirements, the requirements of the wiring and piping fabric set.
  Debugging production, , free installation and debugging after equipment go into user’s workshop  .
  Brick process, according to the user's local raw materials, formulate suitable brick production technology, create the best products at the lowest cost on the precondition of guarantee the quality of brick and tile products.
  Training teaching, for the normal production and the working principle, supply one-on-one training, guide the user understanding all of knowledge.  users can skilled grasp the production and operation of the equipments and maintenance skill.

  Warranty maintenance – supply free 24 hours door-to-door service
  Regularly check – checking the manufacturer on a regular basis. give correct suggestion for the users, to ensure normal production.
  Security -supply fast and accurate logistics distribution for parts.
  Set up files - Making a file for each user, to ensure the continuation of after-sales service.